Consumers world-wide are embracing healthy living trends and following health fitness trends, particularly across developed countries where healthy living has become much more popular. However, in order to be successful, businesses must recognize changing consumer profiles and developing tailored marketing messages, particularly using social media. Social media continues to influence our diets and lifestyles, as well as how we get around and participate in our communities. Many people want to feel like a “star” or a “leader.” Brands seeking to build their brand name in this arena will need to offer a diverse range of healthy and fitness products that appeal to the ever-changing consumer profile. Here are four types of supplements and how they can help you reach your fitness goals.

Supplements encompass everything from protein powders and bars, to herbal teas, and multi-vitamins and multi-mineral formula. There is a wide range of nutrients, minerals, vitamins and herbs that work together to promote a healthy body and promote wellness. Products in the health and wellness category include powders, drinks, bars and juices, and snacks like energy bars that feature ingredients like probiotics, digestive enzymes, and antioxidants for a variety of health benefits. Here are some tips on choosing and buying your preferred supplements.

Choose supplements that fit with your diet. For most people, there is one basic diet: eat lots of fruits, vegetables and fiber-rich whole grains. The supplement industry has tapped into this fact by offering lines and formulas that incorporate ingredients that complement the natural food pyramid and emphasize healthy, balanced nutrition. A good rule of thumb is that if a product looks like it could come directly from the health and wellness aisle at the grocery store, it probably is. Look for nutrient-rich but “innocent” colors, flavors and textures, as well as those that add interest without adding excess calories, salt, sugar, or fat.

Choose supplements that fit with your fitness goals. If you want to lose weight, choose a shake that emphasizes healthy carbohydrates like whole-grain bread and oatmeal. If you want to tone up and become stronger, choose a formulation that features ingredients that will boost your immune system and increase your energy. Multi-nutrient blends are especially useful if you have an ongoing fitness program, as they can be used to support and compliment your diet, as well as providing additional calories and exercise when you need them.

Choose products that fit with your lifestyle. If you smoke, quit. If you are an alcoholic, remove those beverages from your diet. If you lead a physically active lifestyle, choose supplements that will help you burn more calories and lose more weight. If you have sensitive teeth due to poor dental habits, choose a formula that will minimize acidity and stimulate sensitivity and digestion, as well as reduce excess protein from your diet.

Look for products developed by reputable companies. The nutritional supplement industry is home to many small, developing companies that do not have the funding of a large pharmaceutical company. In addition to working with fewer customers, these companies may also develop products that are better suited to your healthy living lifestyle. Look for a product line that has been developed by a company that is dedicated to meeting the needs of the fitness market and one that has a strong consumer base.

Look for companies that offer the best selection of all natural supplements available. There are many supplement companies that use preservatives and chemicals in their formulas, and these ingredients can have an overall negative impact on your fitness. Preservatives, coloring, artificial flavors, and synthetic vitamins can all interfere with your body’s natural ability to function properly. Look for a variety of all natural choices and avoid the companies that use ingredients like gluten, corn, whey, egg, or soy in their products.

Take these tips and advice and create a healthy lifestyle that will result in a more fit and vibrant you. As you work towards fitness, remember that your overall health matters. Eating well and working out are important parts of a fitness program, but they are just part of the puzzle. Find some great free fitness and wellness recipes and learn how you can live a healthier life.

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