3 Healthy, Homemade Dog Treats Fido Will Scarf Down in Seconds

Today’s guest author is Joe Hughes. He has a few tricks for how to make your dog happy and keep them healthy! Do you ever wonder what is in the[…..]

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Why Juices and Smoothies Are a Perfect Breakfast Alternative

With a lot of media attention on the dangers of obesity, the spotlight these days has been on quick and easy nutritious foods and drinks such as juices and smoothies[…..]

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Simple Summer Snacks

Finally, Summer has come and… SCHOOL IS OUT! With summer heat comes summer hunger. There’s no better way to beat the heat than with some healthy- and trendy- summer snacks.[…..]

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Seven Amazing St. Patty’s Day Treats

One of the most important things to remember about living a healthy lifestyle is that it’s not about being perfect 24/7. When holiday and family events come around, it is[…..]

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Metabolism Boosting Smoothies and GIVEAWAY!!

Do you (like many) struggle to find the energy to get up and start your day? Yes, especially on Mondays. It’s even more challenging finding time to make a healthy breakfast,[…..]

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