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Seven Strategies to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Summer is full swing and for many that means road trips, family reunions, camping and traveling to fun destinations.  No matter where you’re traveling—on vacation, out of the country, to[…..]

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Simple Summer Snacks

Finally, Summer has come and… SCHOOL IS OUT! With summer heat comes summer hunger. There’s no better way to beat the heat than with some healthy- and trendy- summer snacks.[…..]

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Coping with Cancer Part II: Handling the Hard and Scary Stuff

Our guest author today is Dr. Susan Mecca. She is a psychologist, author, and organizational consultant whose personal experience with cancer came from helping both her son and husband through[…..]

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Swapping Out Junk Food for Healthy Food Cravings

Do you struggle with trying to get your snacking under control? We understand the pressure. Sometimes it’s hard to be convinced that a stick of celery will be a sufficient[…..]

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Super Fit Seniors: Proof It’s Never Too Late to Become Active

Getting fit or starting a new sport can feel like a daunting prospect, especially if you are older. Feeling out of shape and unfit is the first stumbling block. Not[…..]

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