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Super Healthy Alternative Summer Recipes To Basic BBQ Dishes

Spring is in session, Moms, and it feels like school is going to be out for summer pretty much any day now (kids start getting antsier than normal. Something in[…..]

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Advice for Moms Going Through Chemo from a Mom That Beat Cancer

  Team SML’s Murphy Stidham wanted to know just how does a mom still “does it all” when she’s battling cancer. Truth is, she can’t. And, she shouldn’t. It’s just[…..]

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A Morning Routine with Olympic Gymnast, Mom, & CEO Shannon Miller

  Many people have asked me in the past, “How did you do it?” (win seven Olympic medals), and they want to know exactly what I ate, what exercises I[…..]

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Ease Your Flu with a Cup of Tea

Guest author Murphy Stidham has you ready and armed for this flu season! She has a few herbal recipes that will help ease a few of your symptoms during those[…..]

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Don’t Be A Chicken! Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Have you ever searched for a good recipe that will “wow” the whole family without having to slave away in the kitchen ALL DAY? Guest author Murphy Stidham has put together a[…..]

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