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Naturally Antiseptic Foods and Why We Need Them

Guest author, Johny Kershaws, introduces us to foods that are naturally antiseptic and explains how they can help you avoid overuse of antibiotics. Discover the Top Naturally Antiseptic Foods Did[…..]

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SML’s Super Bowl Party Snacks

…The “good,” the “bad,” & the “truly evil” (and a few in between)… “Everything in moderation” (well, almost everything!) is our motto here at Shannon Miller Lifestyle, and yes, even[…..]

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Your Thyroid & You

January is National Thyroid Awareness Month, and we here at SM Lifestyle want you to be knowledgeable about the small gland that controls so much! Tired, gaining weight and depressed?[…..]

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Juicing 101 – Try It Before the Holidays!

Sean Carey shares with Shannon Miller Lifestyle a little about juicing and how it could help boost your immune system, be healthier, and feel better. ______________________________________________ That time of the[…..]

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Give Your Skin a Gift This Season

Gwen Miller, a freelance writer and makeup artist shares her tips for healthy, hydrated skin during the cold, dry winter season.  The Top 3 Beauty Tricks To Beat the Cold[…..]

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