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Don’t Be A Chicken! Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

Have you ever searched for a good recipe that will “wow” the whole family without having to slave away in the kitchen ALL DAY? Guest author Murphy Stidham has put together a[…..]

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Get Primal: What Animal Flow Can Do For Your Body

Today, guest author Hannah Maxwell is going to explain how your body can be as flexible as animals, and why it’s good for you. What’s your take on evolution? While[…..]

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Crock-Pot Recipes for the Rushed Mom

Today, guest author Shea Morgan has a few easy recipes to share with any family who wants “family dinner time” but doesn’t have the time to do the fancy cooking…[…..]

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Holiday Binge Eating Blues? Stretching Can Fix That.

Did Thanksgiving cause you to dive into the deep end of overeating? No worries. Guest author, Shea Morgan has a few tips on how to get you feeling fit and[…..]

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Traveling While On A Vegan Diet

Today, guest author Dennis Scott Carruthers has some tricks up his sleeve that will help you keep up your vegan diet, even when you’re on the road. They are quick,[…..]

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