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Juicing 101 – Try It Before the Holidays!

Sean Carey shares with Shannon Miller Lifestyle a little about juicing and how it could help boost your immune system, be healthier, and feel better. ______________________________________________ That time of the[…..]

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Give Your Skin a Gift This Season

Gwen Miller, a freelance writer and makeup artist shares her tips for healthy, hydrated skin during the cold, dry winter season.  The Top 3 Beauty Tricks To Beat the Cold[…..]

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Eating the Elusive Rainbow

Stephanie Merchant, the Founder of The Nutrition Mom, LLC, shares with us how we can “Eat the (elusive) Rainbow.” We hear it, and we know it. We need to be[…..]

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Helping Someone With Ovarian Cancer

The statistics are humbling: nearly 22,000 women were diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 20141 alone. These women were grandmothers, mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends. Often, family members and friends feel[…..]

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Plant-Based Eating 101

Everyone has different needs when it comes to diet and nutrition. What works for you may not work for your friend. The best way to find what fuel works best[…..]

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