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Weird Health Stuff: Yes, You Need to Clean Your Ice Machine!

When we started chats with our guest author, we were skeptical about having a bartender school us moms on health for our family, but then he asked, “When was the[…..]

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A One on One with a Nutritionist About Food Intolerances

It can be quite troubling, even scary, for many new parents who are finding their babies or children are reacting to foods, even if it doesn’t run in the family.[…..]

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How to Find Motivation to Do Things

We all know how important it is to exercise and stay fit, but between work, homework, soccer practice, dinner, and that stranger known as a social life, motivation can easily get lost! So, the question then becomes: how do we find our faithful ally, motivation?

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Fire Cider: What is it? And Can This Hot Tonic Aid In Digestive Health?

A Team SML member recently went to a local farmer’s market and came across a tent with tons of teas, tinctures, and natural beauty products. One of the things that[…..]

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What’s the Deal with Raw Water, Tap Water, Microplastics, & More?

  Water equals wellness, right? It fills, fuels, and flushes us. Not to mention it has been used throughout history to heal, which is why so many wellness destinations¬†use it[…..]

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