#10MinuteFitness: Abs Like a Gymnast with Shannon

Summer is almost here, and your tummy will be wanting to once again see the light of day! So, let’s get it ready for swimsuit season with this 10 minute[…..]

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#10MinuteFitness: Lower Body and Glutes Burn

Lower Body and Glutes… We can’t get enough of that lower body burn. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is; we can all use some good toning moves[…..]

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Six Easy Steps To Avoid Sports Injuries

Playing sports is mentally and physically good for you, whether you’re a weekend warrior or maintain a consistent focus on a particular sport. However, you also put your body at[…..]

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#10MinuteFitness: Washboard Abs Workout

We all want those washboard abs, and it’s about more than just looking cute in a trendy crop-top. We need them for our core strength and overall fitness. Our entire[…..]

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10-Minute Fitness: Entire Lower Body Workout

Add this 10-minute workout a couple times a week and get results! Our lower body is a area we want to look good but it’s also an important part of[…..]

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