10 Minute Fitness: 6-Pack Abs

We all want awesome abs. Yes, we want to look good when we hit the beach, and 6-pack abs are a part of that, but there are important health reasons[…..]

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Vacation – Fitness Style!

Are you planning a vacation?  How does a fitness vacation sound? While many people gain weight from eating too much and sitting around on a vacation, you could get yourself[…..]

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#10MinuteFitness: Lower Body & Abs Workout

It’s time for another #10MinuteFitness workout! So, it’s June and time for a check-up on those resolutions you made in January. Are they long gone, or have you turned the[…..]

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Commercial Time Workout

So, you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato, or perhaps you’re just super busy and allow yourself an hour a day to relax in front of the telly. Either way, you can[…..]

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10-Minute Fitness: Workout Like a Gymnast

Ever wonder how gymnasts get those seriously toned bodies? Well yes, they workout…..a lot! However, you don’t have to do full twisting double backs in daily life. You can cut[…..]

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